An investigative look at Chesapeake Bay pollution

The Chesapeake Bay is an essential part of the Maryland economy, however recent statistics show the health of the nation’s largest estuary has room for improvement. In 2010, the Chesapeake Bay Report Card gave the bay a grade of “C-minus.” The following articles take an investigative look at the current efforts in place to restore the Chesapeake Bay to its once healthy state.

Chesapeake Bay TMDL plan faces challenges

The Environmental Protection Agency has finally devised a plan to replenish the Bay to a healthy state. But last month, the U.S. House of Representatives cut funding for the plan and put amendments in place that prevent the EPA from enforcing the Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts. Read more…

Positive outlook for Chesapeake Bay seafood industry

Chesapeake Bay watermen are anxious to learn whether harsh 2010 catch restrictions will be lifted. Just as recently as 2008, the Bay Blue Crab fishery was declared a disaster.  Read more…

Oyster aquaculture helps restore the Bay

Bill Corace of Easton, Md. explains why oysters are such an integral part of the health of the bay. Corace has been growing oysters under his pier since 2004 and believes that the work that Maryland and area universities are doing will make a big difference in the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Read more…


This pair of infographics describes where exactly the heavy nitrogen and phosphorus pollution that makes its way into the bay originates from. Read more…

"Southern Maryland Seafood Restaurants"A map of Southern Maryland Seafood Restaurants keeps you up to date on what restaurants are currently operating in southern Maryland and what crabs are currently selling for. Read more…

bill corace interview videoBill Corace of Easton, Md. explains his involvement with oyster aquacultre. This audio and photo slideshow brings oyster aquaculture in the Miles River to life. Read more…


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